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Kevin by kittyalyst Kevin by kittyalyst
And yet another not-so-great ref by me :D

So it's Kevin, the main character in that story that I've been working on lately. I changed his design a bit since last time, and tweaked his story too.
Alors SO FAR;

Kevin is a 24 year old living in a crapy edge-of-chinatown apartment. He suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, a disease that I am too tired to explain right now. He lives off of disability welfare and the money his dead relatives have left him. Every morning he goes to the same coffee shop to get the same drink (it is also the coffee shop where Jin [link] works at apart from his failing music career) and then goes either for a walk to the park or to the doctor's on tuesdays and thursdays then home. His hobbies include riding buses for fun, reading the news, browsing the Internet for pictures of kittens, napping, and reading really old books. He is pretty intelligent, and due to the stability of his condition he lives a relatively normal and unexciting life. Since he was diagnosed as a kid, he's used to a lot of the procedral parts of his lifestyle. His disease right now is kept under control by eight pills every morning of three different types of medication and one before bed. Kevin is very neurotic and gets really bad anxiety easily. He also has too many fears to name and is the human embodiment of the word 'awkward' by definition. XD
His probably only friend is Jin, and kind of this other chick named Sarah but since Sarah is close friends with Cameron, Jin's roommate, he doesn't concern himself as much with them, because Cameron scares him.
//And again just to clarify I'm trying my best not to over-hollywood-fie schizophrenia; it's a pretty serious disease and by no mean am I trying to romanticize it. Kevin is /lucky/ to have a controllable diagnoses, unlike some who suffer from the same disease. It all comes into play with the concept and theme of the story, and that's why it's there; to serve a symbolic purpose, perhaps sometimes informative or interesting, but definitely not be taken as a joke and/or otherwise. Laugh at the character and their endeavours all you want, but out of respect please don't think schizophrenia as some "entertaining/cool thing with hallucinations and shit" deal.

I won't get too much into plot and past yet.
Oh and by the way he's not wearing a hoodie over a longsleeve shirt he's wearing one of those weird sweaters with detachable sleeves for even more awkwardness xD

That's pretty much it I guess for captain introvert...
Tell me whAt you think I love comments<3 even when I don't have time to respond >3>

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AIA42 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow. I like his backstory a lot, it's well thought out (and the note at the end gave me a lot of respect for you). I'm curious about how Kevin's condition plays a role in his story now ^^

I like Kevin's design too :D the hoodie's colors are nice ^^ (and wow do you know how to do clothing folds <3 )
kittyalyst Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the kind words ^^ 
I mainly added that just to remind people of the line between entertainment and reality; sometimes people let works of fiction made to make us laugh or cry or think get to their heads. Stories should make you reflect on life, and they should also entertain, but by no means are some of the same things in real life just as entertaining. 
I don't want people to be interested in my story because there's "this crazy guy who sees things and a bunch of trippy stuff happens", I want them to be interested because it might offer insight on life and is a vessel for me to communicate some of my personal views on the world. 
Diverse characters who go through sad/funny/horrible/nice ordeals can all be laughed at or cried over because they are simply fictional creations, but one should learn from them always :) Some of Kevin's hallucinations might be at times humorous, but I do hope that while people enjoy a laugh they will also at the same time learn what hallucinations are really like, what the people experiencing them are going through and what are some common misconceptions. Then hopefully they will apply the knowledge to the real world. :)
AIA42 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amen to that ^^ stories that can be humorous and have meaning are what we strive for, eh? Sounds like Kevin's got himself one :)
TheAnimeTheatre Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
You're sooo good! <3
kittyalyst Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :3
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